More than $1 million recovered for devastating injuries caused by catastrophic crane collapse

Without warning, the hydraulic boom of a truck mounted boom crane manufactured by of one of the industry’s best known crane manufacturer’s failed to maintain its hydraulic pressure and collapsed, resulting in critical injuries to two occupants working within a basket suspended 70’ above the ground. The workers were in the process of welding sheet metal to a grain silo when the boom lost hydraulic pressure and telescoped down, approximately 40’, first striking a roof structure which upended the basket ejecting the workers who plummeted another 30’ to the ground. The assessment for the cause of the accident: design defects with the crane which permitted critical cables to be crossed which directly led to the defect that caused the loss of hydraulic pressure; and improper equipment maintenance and absence of regular equipment inspection.

Stutman Law was able to obtain $1 million from the crane owner, the rental company, and the equipment lessor. The machine’s manufacturer also contributed to the settlement for improper equipment design.

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