Encrusted sprinkler line reduces flow of water to sprinkler heads leading to a flow of millions for Stutman Law’s client

Over the years, the insides of the pipes leading to a Supermarket sprinkler system gradually became encrusted with minerals, reducing the water supply to the sprinkler system. When thieves set a fire to serve as a distraction for their crime of stealing goods from the Supermarket, the system, now fed by an inadequate water supply, could not control the fire. A multi-million dollar recovery was made from design professionals, contractors who designed and installed the sprinkler system as well as from the companies that regularly inspected the sprinkler system. The general contractor’s insurer declined coverage. However, an additional recovery was made directly from the general contractor’s insurer on a separate declaratory judgment action based upon an assignment of the coverage claim from the general contractor to Stutman Law’s client.

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