Failure to notify authorities leads $1 million recovery

The Defendant sub-leased space in Stutman Law’s client’s insured’s building, where both were in the printing business. The Defendant wired his printing equipment to the building’s electrical boxes without obtaining permits. The Defendant then experienced a malfunction at one of the electrical boxes which resulted in a burning smell and a very small fire. Six weeks later the Defendant’s employees smelled the same burning smell and felt heat in the same area of the building where the earlier incident had occurred. When they could not find the source of the heat, they decided to leave for the evening without informing the Plaintiff, the Fire Department, their supervisor or anyone else. The fire which destroyed the building was discovered only minutes later. A million dollar recovery was made based upon the negligent installation and maintenance of the Defendant’s equipment and the negligent failure to notify anyone of the prior small fire or the smell and the heat noticed only minutes before the fire that destroyed the building.

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