Fire “jumps the tracks” reducing building to rubble

An Indiana multi-story building was reduced to rubble when a fire from a plastics plant jumped a set of railroad tracks. Stutman Law’s expert went to the scene but because of the collapse of the building where the fire originated, the cause of the fire was unclear and might never have been determined. However, our expert was the only one to uncover the fact that the plastics plant did not have a working sprinkler system. He called the local officials back to the scene so they could document that the outside valve was in the “off” position.

At a subsequent inspection, the valve in question disappeared and the plastic plant’s investigator denied that it ever existed. His assertions were immediately contradicted by Stutman Law’s expert and the local fire official. Damages were approximately $400,000. Stutman Law attorneys settled the case for a substantial six-figure recovery in excess of $350,000.

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