Limited coverage requires prompt action

A massive gas explosion occurred at a chemical plant in Florida resulting in several deaths, severe injuries and property damage claims. The chemical plant had limited coverage for all of the death, personal injury and property damage claims.

Stutman Law attorneys retained an expert who immediately investigated the loss scene and determined the cause of the explosion. Thereafter, Stutman Law attorneys communicated with counsel for the chemical plant, who advised that there was limited coverage available for all claims resulting from the explosion and the limited coverage would be dispensed on a first come, first serve basis. Further, counsel for the plant advised that once coverage was extinguished, no further claims would be entertained. Stutman Law attorneys worked expeditiously with the adjuster to obtain all documents in support of the property damage losses before the limited coverage was no longer available. Stutman Law attorneys received the necessary information and submitted a demand package to the attorneys for the chemical plant. Thereafter, Stutman Law obtained an immediate settlement for 100% of its client’s property damage before the limited coverage was extinguished.

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