Local Fire Company Revises Their Fire Report Based on Stutman Law’s Investigative Findings

A fire in rural West Virginia destroyed a former Bed & Breakfast Inn burning the property down to its concrete slab with only a chimney left standing.  The Bed & Breakfast had been converted to an extended single family residence and leased to a large family of twelve.  Several volunteer fire fighting companies responded to the fire and reported the property was fully engulfed in flames upon their arrival.  Following the fire, several private and public sector fire investigators investigated the loss scene and determined the cause of the fire was undetermined due to the substantial amount of damage.  Through Stutman Law’s aggressive investigation, statements of the tenants were obtained which demonstrated candles were burned on a dresser in the master bedroom.  Additional interviews revealed the only occupant in the house at the time of the fire reported that the fire originated in the master bedroom.  Stutman Law provided these interviews to the local fire department. Subsequently the local fire department changed its report to reflect that the cause of the fire was unattended candles on the dresser in the master bedroom based on the interviews obtained by Stutman Law.  A formal demand package was sent to the tenant’s insurance carrier along with the volunteer fire report.  Thereafter, Stutman Law obtained a policy limits settlement of $300,000.00 from the tenant’s insurance carrier.

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