Manufacturer of Water Dispenser Unit Pays Stutman Law

An Asian company with offices in the US, manufactured, leased, installed and serviced a counter top water dispenser unit in an LA high rise condominium in 2011. The unit was thereafter serviced by a company technician every quarter. The unit connected to the water supply through an under-sink plastic T-valve. The plastic water line from the dispenser connected to a plastic threaded fitting that screwed into a brass body. This body screwed onto the angle stop. On June 21, 2013 the plastic threaded portion of the valve broke off causing extensive water damage throughout three floors of the building. Examination of the failed part revealed that it suffered similar design deficiencies to plastic connector nuts on toilet supply lines. The appearance of the connector also indicated that it had impaired integrity due to poor temperature control in the molding process. After seven months of back-and-forth negotiations the company ultimately settled the substantial claim for 88 cents on the $.

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