Stipulation of Liability leads to early settlement

In a home in Ohio, a high tech sump pump system in the basement failed and caused a small fire. The sump pump system was made of a highly flammable material that produced a significant amount of smoke and soot damage to the home. Stutman Law investigators retained an engineering expert who was a former product design engineer for the manufacturer. During the course of the inspection, Stutman Law’s expert described the design and manufacture of the sump pump to the manufacturer’s expert and attorney. More importantly, Stutman Law’s expert was able to explain, in detail, how the sump pump failed and caused the fire. Immediately thereafter, Stutman Law attorneys were able to obtain a Stipulation of Liability from the manufacturer. Defense counsel subsequently tried to avoid paying the claims, questioning the significant amount of damage for such a small fire. Stutman Law attorneys worked with their expert and prepared a demonstration for defense counsel which set forth how the petroleum-based materials used to manufacture the sump pump produced a significant amount of black soot and smoke when ignited. Thereafter, the matter was amicably resolved and Stutman Law’s client received a six-figure award.

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