Stutman Law Awarded $101,000 in Arbitration Forums against Major International Water Treatment Products Company

Stutman Law prevails in Arbitration Forums against a major international water treatment products company. This case involves the failure of a thirteen year old water softener that caused substantial damage to the insured’s residence. The manufacturer defended this suit arguing that it was protected by the warranties and disclaimers in the purchase invoice and that the product had exceeded its useful life pursuant to the governing statutes. Although these seemed like strong defenses, Stutman Law uncovered law that nullified the protections afforded under the warranties and established instead that the manufacturer was strictly liable for the defect in this product. Furthermore, Stutman Law was able to establish through its expert and applicable government and industry standards that the product had not exceeded its useful life. The manufacturer took this case through the appeal level and the decision was affirmed for Stutman Law’s client in the amount of $101,000.

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