Stutman Law Obtains $2,202,541.55 Subrogation Jury Verdict Against Alarm Company in Georgia

After six days of trial, a jury found a defendant alarm company grossly negligent and found damages on behalf of Stutman Law’s clients in the amount of $2,202,541.55. The verdict is believed to be the largest subrogation verdict against an alarm company ever obtained in Georgia. Thomas Paolini and Michael Wallace from Stutman Law’s New Jersey office tried the case on behalf of the Plaintiffs. The case resulted from an undetected burglary as a result of which the insured suffered a significant loss of electronic appliances.
The lawsuit stemmed from a burglar alarm contract entered into between the insured and the defendant. The contract, valued at approximately $8,000.00, required the defendant to install and monitor an alarm system for the insured.

A jury of 12 determined that the defendant had breached its contract with the insured and was grossly negligent. According to Thomas Paolini of Stutman Law “there were a number of challenging issues in the case, but we believed the facts warranted a finding of gross negligence and the jury agreed.” The defendant appealed the verdict but agreed to a confidential settlement before the case was heard by the Georgia Court of Appeals.

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