Stutman Law obtains jury verdict for $1,250,000 on case rejected by two prior subrogation law firms

The insured leased part of a very large warehouse to a tire recycling company. The tire recycling company then stored tires on the loading dock and within the building. Vandals set fire to trash on the loading dock, which spread to the tires. Although the Fire Department responded promptly, they were unable to control the fire on the loading dock, which then spread into and destroyed the entire building. Unfortunately, our insured had turned off the sprinkler system to make improvements, and had not turned it back on prior to the time the fire occurred. Two subrogation law firms turned down the case before Stutman Law got involved. The defendants took a “no pay” position and Stutman Law took the case to trial. Expert testimony established that the sprinkler system would not have suppressed the fire, even if it had been turned on, since the fire on the loading dock spread into the building above the sprinkler heads. A jury agreed and awarded $1.25 million to Stutman Law’s client.

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