Stutman Law obtains videotape that contradicts the defendant’s story resulting in $1 million recovery

A fire started in a large freezer box inside of a warehouse. The defendant was on the roof of the freezer box connecting copper refrigerant piping to a piece of refrigeration equipment in the freezer box shortly before the fire. Investigators immediately suspected that the defendant’s employees were soldering the pipes that passed through the roof into the freezer box, and that hot solder had fallen onto cardboard boxes inside the freezer box. The defendant insisted that they were not soldering the pipe connections with a torch on the day of the fire. Videotape obtained by Stutman Law showed otherwise. The defendant’s employees were seen on tape using a bucket and a rope to lift copper piping and a propane torch up onto the roof of the freezer box on the day of the fire. After a contested litigation Stutman Law obtained $1 million recovery.

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