Stutman Law takes lead on multi-party litigation, resulting in more than $1 million for its client

Stutman Law settled a multi-party litigation where it obtained a significant seven figure recovery. The case involved a fire caused by a cooking appliance in a commercial kitchen. Investigators determined that the fire spread into the exhaust system/ductwork and then to the rest of the building, eventually spreading to the insured’s adjoining building.

Lawyers at Stutman Law filed a lawsuit against the restaurant, adjacent building owner and hood cleaning company for the restaurant. Lawsuits were also brought against additional parties including the companies that serviced and maintained the suppression and sprinkler systems for the restaurant. The Defendants argued the case on both liability and damage grounds. Aggressive litigation by attorneys at Stutman Law compelled the Defendants to agree to a mediation, which resulted in a recovery in excess of $1 million for the Plaintiff.

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