Fallen Tree Results in $800,000 Judgment and $329,000 Award of Attorney Fees and Costs Against City of Pasadena (NASP Subrogator Winter 2016 Issue)

In a ruling that could have potential significance for all California municipalities, after a 4-day bench trial, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard Fruin found the city of Pasadena liable in inverse condemnation for the catastrophic damage caused to a residence when a 110-foot tall Canary Island Pine tree fell through it during a severe […]

Stutman Law Files Mass Tort Actions Against Fluidmaster for 657 Claims Totaling More Than $20 Million

Stutman Law has filed mass tort actions in Federal and State court in California on behalf of 16 insurance carriers to recover on 657 claims totaling in excess of $20 million. Stutman Law’s mass tort unit identified two common defects involving Fluidmaster NO-BURST© supply lines: one causing failures of the supply lines’ plastic coupling nuts, […]

Senior Center Short Circuited by Failure to Remove Drain Plugs

An electrical contractor designed and installed an exterior bus duct during construction of insured’s 250,000 square foot Senior Living facility in Livermore, CA in 2004. The bus duct carried up to 480 volts through the 3–phase 3,000 amp bus duct supplying power to the entire facility. However the contractor neglected to remove drain plugs in […]

Stutman Law Recovers for Loss of Movie Star’s Memorabilia

The insured, an actor/director and husband of actress Lynn Redgrave for 30 years, stored her memorabilia in two rented spaces in a Los Angeles commercial building while he prepared to write a book about their life together. A leak occurred in a fire sprinkler system in the adjacent space causing a minor flood. The city […]

Manufacturer of Water Dispenser Unit Pays Stutman Law

An Asian company with offices in the US, manufactured, leased, installed and serviced a counter top water dispenser unit in an LA high rise condominium in 2011. The unit was thereafter serviced by a company technician every quarter. The unit connected to the water supply through an under-sink plastic T-valve. The plastic water line from […]

Stutman Law’s Quick Response Yields Favorable, Six Figure Pre-Litigation Settlement

The New Loss Department’s rapid response was critical in obtaining key evidence in a residential, exposure fire.  Stutman Law’s cause and origin expert was out to the loss site within hours of the referral, and as a result, was able to investigate the neighboring property where the fire originated.  It was during this investigation that […]

Update – Inverse Condemnation Settlement Occurs After Court of Appeals Denies City’s Petition

The California Court of Appeal, Fourth District, Division Two has issued a summary denial of a Petition for Writ of Mandate filed by the City of Hemet in a $750K inverse condemnation case following a ruling in Stutman Law’s favor on a motion for summary adjudication. At issue was whether Stutman Law’s novel theory that […]

2007 San Diego Wildfires

Stutman Law was instrumental in assisting with the recovery of millions of dollars for subrogated insurance carriers arising out of the 2007 San Diego, California wildfires. There were at least 10 identified wildfires in San Diego, three of which involved electrical power line failures that were owned and operated by the local utility company. These […]

Manufacturer of heat gun pays Stutman Law even though Insured’s employee left gun in “on” position before taking a break

Heat guns are industrial strength dryers that blow 1,000 degree air. An employee at a food distributorship was assigned to use a heat gun to shrink wrap some goods to a pallet. When she plugged in the heat gun, it would not operate, despite her moving the slide switch from the off position to the […]

Failure to notify authorities leads $1 million recovery

The Defendant sub-leased space in Stutman Law’s client’s insured’s building, where both were in the printing business. The Defendant wired his printing equipment to the building’s electrical boxes without obtaining permits. The Defendant then experienced a malfunction at one of the electrical boxes which resulted in a burning smell and a very small fire. Six […]

Property manager liable for hiring negligent roofer

An unlicensed roofer hired by the property manager doing unpermitted roofing repair work negligently used a propane torch in the vicinity of an exhaust vent for a lacquer spray booth in a Southern California strip mall. Investigation established that sparks from the torch lit the spray booth filters, causing a fire that destroyed the entire […]

City pays damages and upgrades for Rodeo Drive sinkhole

The City of Los Angeles recently reached a settlement with Stutman Law’s client for more than $600,000 to cover damages to a commercial property on Rodeo Drive caused by a sinkhole. The problem began when leakage from a sewer main, owned and operated by the City, caused a large sinkhole directly beneath a commercial property […]

Landmark restaurant fire: Lack of evidence does not prevent recovery

 A kitchen grease fire occurred at a landmark restaurant in Los Angeles. The building owner’s insurer examined the scene, and failing to preserve any evidence having suspected an electrical failure, quickly abandoned subrogation attempts. Stutman Law attorneys representing the tenant’s insurer pursued a case against the duct cleaning company for allowing excessive grease buildup, and […]