Stutman Law obtains videotape that contradicts the defendant’s story resulting in $1 million recovery

A fire started in a large freezer box inside of a warehouse. The defendant was on the roof of the freezer box connecting copper refrigerant piping to a piece of refrigeration equipment in the freezer box shortly before the fire. Investigators immediately suspected that the defendant’s employees were soldering the pipes that passed through the […]

Stutman Law proves “pyrolosis” in a case that leads to a $1 million settlement

A fire originated within the wooden wall structure of a chain restaurant, immediately behind a wall mounted piece of cooking equipment. Discovery revealed other locations within the chain had suffered similar fires in wooden walls immediately behind the same make and model of cooking equipment. Stutman Law’s expert tested whether the equipment could cause a […]

Limited coverage requires prompt action

A massive gas explosion occurred at a chemical plant in Florida resulting in several deaths, severe injuries and property damage claims. The chemical plant had limited coverage for all of the death, personal injury and property damage claims. Stutman Law attorneys retained an expert who immediately investigated the loss scene and determined the cause of […]