Stutman Law Obtains $1.25 Million Settlement on Eve of Trial

A brand new 7,800 square foot custom built residential property in the suburbs of Atlanta was destroyed by fire and collapsed into the basement. When Stutman Law attorneys received the assignment from its insurance company client, the fire investigator retained by the insurance company informed Stutman Law attorneys the property was a total a loss […]

Stutman Law Obtains $2,202,541.55 Subrogation Jury Verdict Against Alarm Company in Georgia

After six days of trial, a jury found a defendant alarm company grossly negligent and found damages on behalf of Stutman Law’s clients in the amount of $2,202,541.55. The verdict is believed to be the largest subrogation verdict against an alarm company ever obtained in Georgia. Thomas Paolini and Michael Wallace from Stutman Law’s New […]

Metal halide light bulb “cooks” nuts

A Georgia company was in the business of packaging and selling nuts. They had a refrigerated warehouse on site at their plant and one night, the fire alarm activated. The fire department found a small fire in the warehouse directly under a light fixture. The sprinkler system had activated and contained the fire to a […]