Arson by insured’s employee results in multimillion dollar settlement against sprinkler manufacturer and “Bulk Box” industry

A disgruntled employee set two fires inside a plastic injection molding facility. The fires quickly overwhelmed the water based sprinkler system and virtually destroyed the entire facility. The fire was investigated by local, state and federal agencies who all concluded that the cause of the fire was arson. The fire resulted in nearly $60 million […]

Careful discovery leads to recovery from careless smoker

This case involved a fire loss that originated on the back deck of a Kentucky two-story garden apartment building during a party being held by one of the tenants. Witnesses deposed in the case indicated that the fire originated on the railing of the wooden deck. The tenant’s carrier took the position that the fire […]

Recovery in a case barred by waiver

Stutman Law obtained a settlement in the amount of $175,000 in a Kentucky case where a water loss occurred when an employee of a sprinkler company was tightening a bolt on a two-inch coupling associated with the sprinkler system. The defendant was protected by a AIA waiver of subrogation clause. Stutman Law attorneys established that […]