Encrusted sprinkler line reduces flow of water to sprinkler heads leading to a flow of millions for Stutman Law’s client

Over the years, the insides of the pipes leading to a Supermarket sprinkler system gradually became encrusted with minerals, reducing the water supply to the sprinkler system. When thieves set a fire to serve as a distraction for their crime of stealing goods from the Supermarket, the system, now fed by an inadequate water supply, […]

Utility company forced to pay millions for the sins of an uninsured contractor

A gas utility company buried a plastic gas main in close proximity to a number of underground electrical cables. An uninsured excavating contractor who did not call to have the utilities marked caused damage to one of the electrical cables while digging a trench for a new water line. The damage to the cable resulted […]

Uncovering code violations leads to successful recovery

A fire at a multi-story apartment building in Maryland was caused by a plumber soldering a domestic water line in the basement of the building. Although the plumber argued that the damages were exacerbated by the lack of proper fire stops and fire walls in the old apartment building, Stutman Law recovered $1,250,000 from the […]

Negligent tenants responsible for water damage from frozen pipes

Significant damage caused by frozen pipes in a vacation home in Maryland occurred while in use by renters. Stutman Law represented the insurance carrier and insured in an action against the renters for failing to maintain adequate heat and recovered $750,000 in total. The insurer was able to make a subrogation recovery even though Maryland […]