Stutman Law Attorney Uses Manufacturer’s Guidelines to “Burn” Installer of Wood Stove

Five years following the construction of an addition to a beautiful lake front home in Northern Michigan, a fire originated in an unoccupied attic of the addition and destroyed the home.  The unoccupied attic consisted of wooden framing members, piping for a wood stove, cellulose insulation and electrical wiring.  Although very little remained of the […]

Stutman Law convinces court that Waiver of Subrogation doesn’t apply and obtains $1.5 million recovery

A roofer using a torch decided that gasoline makes a good solvent to clean rubber roofing materials before sealing it with heat. The results of this decision were catastrophic. The roofer’s insurer defended the case on the basis of a Waiver of Subrogation in a construction contract entered into between the roofer and the building […]

Stutman Law Obtained Six Figure jury verdict and award of attorney fees against Michigan Utility Company

Stutman Law obtains a $330,000.00 jury verdict along with an award of attorney fees after a weeklong trial against a Michigan Utility Company.  The case was filed by Stutman Law to recover damages which were caused by a gas explosion that destroyed a residential home in Jackson, Michigan.  On the morning of the explosion, natural […]

City’s “seal of approval” fails to prevent recovery

A fire caused by the negligent installation of a wood burning fireplace destroyed a residential home in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Although city officials inspected and approved the installation of the fireplace, Stutman Law was able to recover $400,000 from the general contractor by establishing that the installation of the fireplace violated the Michigan Residential Code. 

Utility firm’s negligence causes gas explosion

A gas explosion destroyed a residential home in Jackson County, Michigan. Stutman Law took the case to trial against the utility company responsible for causing the natural gas leak. After establishing that the utility company violated safe industry practices, a jury returned a verdict for both the subrogated insurer and its insured and awarded 100% […]

Aggressive pursuit leads to full recovery for water damage

A Michigan couple’s upscale home sustained water damage caused by their dishwasher. The heating element in the dishwasher malfunctioned and overheated, melting one of the rubber grommets used to seal the connection point between the end of the heating element and the interior floor of the dishwasher. This allowed water to leak through the bottom […]