Heating pad heats up more than its user

In Missouri, a two-year old heating pad that was placed on a sofa caught fire while unattended. The manufacturer defended the claim on the basis of consumer abuse. The manufacturer’s counsel claimed that it would make no voluntary offer. However, Stutman Law retained the appropriate experts and all the necessary evidence at the onset. The […]

Design defect in expansion tank leads to tragedy

A substantial worker’s compensation subrogation recovery was awarded to Stutman Law’s client in a case involving a wrongful death in St. Louis, MO. A worker was killed by an exploding water expansion tank being replaced during well drilling operations. The case involved a defect in the tank design which allowed condensation to accumulate around the […]

Utility company prevented from passing the blame for explosion

A gas company’s negligent instructions to its contractor led to an explosion and fire in a residential property located in Boonville, Missouri. Investigation of the residential property revealed that the fire originated at a furnace located in the basement of the property. Through an aggressive investigation, Stutman Law attorneys discovered that the local gas company […]