Water Damage From Frozen Sprinkler Pipe in Attic Floods Hotel

A hotel guest reported water flowing from the ceiling in the third floor east wing of the property. The hotel investigated the incident and discovered burst pipes for a dry sprinkler system located in the attic of the property. An investigation of the sprinkler and alarm systems by Stutman Law’s expert team revealed the alarm […]

Wife recovers $1.25 million from husband who tried to “hide the money”

Stutman Law successfully negotiated a settlement of $1,250,000 for its client, the ex-wife of the CEO of a major corporation arising from a long standing dispute between the former spouses.  Approximately three years after the divorce, the defendant represented to his ex-wife that the company was not doing well and offered to buy her stock […]

“CSI” Testing Identifies Responsible Party and Results in $700,000 Recovery

Water caused substantial damage to a Raymour & Flanigan furniture store when a cap that had been affixed to an abandoned water pipe separated from the pipe and caused large quantities of water to enter the store. Stutman Law’s experts examined the failed cap and associated pipe fitting and determined that the cap had failed […]

Expert identifies contractor as source of gas explosion

A gas explosion occurred in a New Jersey nursing home. Stutman Law retained a HVAC expert shortly after the loss and established that the plumbing contractor let out too much gas while trying to re-light pilots in a boiler. A settlement of $287,500 represented 82% of recoverable damages.