Stutman Law Wins Jury Verdict for Montgomery County Homeowners in Construction Defect Suit

In March 2018, Stutman Law successfully litigated a construction defect case against The David Cutler Group, the self-proclaimed largest privately owned residential builder in the Delaware Valley. After a three-day trial, a Montgomery County jury deliberated for approximately one hour and returned a verdict for Stutman Law’s clients, awarding them full damages in the amount […]

Getting Rid of a Thorn in the Side of Subrogation Professionals – PA Court Affirms That Workers’ Compensation Insurer Can Sue on Behalf of Injured Worker

On February 10, 2017, a three-judge panel of the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled in a published opinion captioned Hartford Insurance Group on Behalf of Chen v. Kamara, et al., 2017 Pa Super 31 (Feb. 10, 2017), that a workers’ compensation insurer can sue a responsible third party in the name of an injured worker to […]

Stutman Law Curbs Attempts to Expand Made Whole Doctrine in Pennsylvania

Stutman Law was successful in curbing an attempt to expand the made whole doctrine in Pennsylvania in a case that dates back to 2001. The recently decided case of  Prof’l. Flooring Co. v. Bushar Corp., 2016 WL 7105899, 2016 Pa. Super. 274, Dec. 6, 2016 relates to a catastrophic fire that destroyed the Continental Business […]

Stutman Law Settles Suppression System Case for $2,750,000 on Eve of Trial

A fire destroyed a commercial building that housed multiple paint spray booths which were utilized to apply paint spray and finishes to commercial truck bodies and chassis. The precise cause of the fire was never determined but investigators were able to conclude that the fire had originated within ventilation ductwork situated above a paint spray […]

Stutman Law Obtains Summary Judgment Against Power Utility in Case of First Impression (NASP Subrogator® Spring/Summer 2014 Issue)

In an issue of first impression for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Stutman Law obtained summary judgment in a subrogation action against a power utility alleging that the utility provided defective power to its customer causing equipment losses and a fire resulting in over $800,000 in losses. Click here to read the full article from […]

Insurers share bulk of $36 million recovery

As part of a $36 million out-of-court settlement, more than a dozen insurance carriers recovered a significant amount of the payments they made to their insureds as a result of the fire at the Riverwalk Millennium Apartment Complex in suburban Philadelphia. Stutman Law represented seven major insurance companies and also served as Court-appointed Liaison Counsel for all other insurance companies that insured tenants and businesses at Riverwalk.

Stutman Law Achieves $4 million recovery against design professionals even though statute of repose technically barred the claim

A big box supermarket and shopping center was designed with an elaborate wooden façade and overhang to make it blend in architecturally with the historic surrounding area. Unfortunately, the large wooden façade and overhang was not protected with sprinkler heads as required by the code. A fire of unknown cause started in the mulch underneath […]

$5.5 million settlement in commercial building fire

Stutman Law brokered a settlement of $5.5 million, of which its clients received the majority of the proceeds. The settlement arose out of a fire caused by the spontaneous combustion of sawdust and polyurethane finish in a commercial building under renovation. Prior to the settlement, Stutman Law headed the litigation against four defendants, including the […]

Welder unsuccessful in alleging age of the product in defending a defective weld; pays Stutman Law $1.5 million

A contractor was hired to make a weld repair to a fatigue crack contained within the crown of a very large hydraulic press which was being used to manufacture aluminum wheels for heavy trucks. The contractor did not understand the need to slowly preheat the entire crown before welding, and the need to slowly cool […]

Victim’s family reimbursed for her “conscious pain and suffering”

Careful investigation and expert testimony led to a substantial seven-figure settlement in a case of the wrongful death of a young Pennsylvania woman. A commercial vehicle driving too fast on a two-lane highway plowed into the back of a car driven by the young woman. The impact pushed her car into the opposing lane of […]

Defective plastic plumbing part yields million dollar recovery

Stutman Law recovered over $1 million after establishing that a water treatment product had been improperly manufactured with incompatible chemical components.   This litigation was pursued by Stutman Law after a plastic elbow associated with a water treatment product catastrophically failed and flooded a multi-story condominium complex in the Philadelphia area.  Though the water treatment product […]

Hazardous site investigation leads to substantial subrogation recovery

A massive poultry caging system housing over 100,000 laying hens in Pennsylvania provided state-of-the-art equipment for managing a poultry house. But a catastrophic collapse led to a difficult and complicated investigation. Throughout the investigation, the team of investigators, insurance officials and Stutman Law attorneys worked to establish the cause of the collapse, while faced with […]

$700,000 Jury verdict against contractor for fire caused by careless smoking

A contractor who was smoking on the job was the likely cause of a Pennsylvania fire at an outlet store in Marshalls Creek. The 20-year-old building was in the process of being renovated into a day care center. The building’s electricity was off at the time of the fire. Investigators determined that a discarded, smoldering […]

Stutman Law obtains jury verdict against negligent contractor

The defendant was hired to build an addition to a wood frame building for a company making kitchen cabinets. The defendant’s employees chose to cut a hole in the sheet metal wall where the addition would attach using a large gas powered circular saw. A warning label on the saw stated that cutting metal produced […]

Electric panel arc flash burns engineering student

Stutman Law obtained a worker’s compensation subrogation recovery in a serious burn case in Reading, PA for $975,000. The incident involved an African immigrant who had earned a green card and was working his way toward an electrical engineering degree when a defectively designed electrical panel, manufactured by the world’s leading panel manufacturer, malfunctioned leading […]

Careful investigation “persuades” defendant to be truthful

Contractors working outside of a Pennsylvania home struck a gas line near the drainage system for the property. The gas traveled through the drainage system and filled the entire property with gas. An explosion occurred destroying everything on the property when the gas came in contact with several ignition sources. The contractor who struck the […]

Statute of Repose requires quick action.

Stutman Law’s New Loss department received a call about a 12-year-old barn in Pennsylvania that was collapsing during a heavy snow storm. In order to ensure that the statute of repose would not bar recovery, quick-thinking Stutman Law attorneys filed suit almost immediately. If suit had not been filed right away, the case may have […]

OSHA requirements point to negligent “hot work”

A fire occurred inside a residential home in Pennsylvania, caused by an HVAC contractor who installed a new furnace and utilized a torch to do the job. Stutman Law obtained a 90% recovery in this case by showing that the HVAC contractor failed to follow OSHA requirements for hot work.