Property manager liable for hiring negligent roofer

An unlicensed roofer hired by the property manager doing unpermitted roofing repair work negligently used a propane torch in the vicinity of an exhaust vent for a lacquer spray booth in a Southern California strip mall. Investigation established that sparks from the torch lit the spray booth filters, causing a fire that destroyed the entire […]

Spontaneous combustion guts South Carolina new home

A fire occurred in a Greenville, S.C. new home that was under construction and nearly complete. Stutman Law’s insured was acting as the builder and the homeowner was acting as the general contractor on the project. The fire caused several hundred thousand dollars in insured losses as well as a substantial uninsured loss to the […]

Failure to follow installation instructions leads to recovery

Stutman Law settled a case in which a flood at a South Carolina resort caused over $130,000 in damages. The loss occurred after a sprinkler installer used a faded section of CPVC piping which had been left out in the sun during construction eight years prior to the loss. The installer claimed there was no […]