Local Fire Company Revises Their Fire Report Based on Stutman Law’s Investigative Findings

A fire in rural West Virginia destroyed a former Bed & Breakfast Inn burning the property down to its concrete slab with only a chimney left standing.  The Bed & Breakfast had been converted to an extended single family residence and leased to a large family of twelve.  Several volunteer fire fighting companies responded to […]

Snatching a victory ($950,000 worth) from the jaws of defeat

Stutman Law recently reached a settlement of $950,000 in a case that literally was almost lost on the day of the fire. On a Saturday afternoon in June, firm founder Robert A. Stutman received a call from the client’s adjuster about a new loss that occurred that same day. The initial report was bleak because […]

Downed electrical wire causes fire and recovery against utility company

A residential home in West Virginia lost power during a snow storm when a tree fell onto an electrical line. At the time of the outage, the homeowner notified the power company of the details of the incident. Shortly thereafter, the power company repaired the downed wire. When the tree fell, the wires were pulled […]