Utility company prevented from passing the blame for explosion

A gas company’s negligent instructions to its contractor led to an explosion and fire in a residential property located in Boonville, Missouri. Investigation of the residential property revealed that the fire originated at a furnace located in the basement of the property.

Through an aggressive investigation, Stutman Law attorneys discovered that the local gas company retained a subcontractor to replace gas lines in the neighborhood where the residential property was located. Accordingly, the gas company and its subcontractor were placed on notice of a claim for the damages as a result of this fire. The subcontractor responded by stating that it was simply working at the direction, control and supervision of the gas company who instructed the subcontractor to pressure the gas lines to 10 pounds per square inch even though the lines were only designed to operate at ¼ pounds per square inch. Armed with this information from the subcontractor, Stutman Law’s expert determined this over pressurization of the gas lines damaged the regulator in the furnace and caused the fire. Stutman Law attorneys reached a six figure settlement with the gas company, without litigation, for 90% of the total claim for damages.

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