Wife recovers $1.25 million from husband who tried to “hide the money”

Stutman Law successfully negotiated a settlement of $1,250,000 for its client, the ex-wife of the CEO of a major corporation arising from a long standing dispute between the former spouses.  Approximately three years after the divorce, the defendant represented to his ex-wife that the company was not doing well and offered to buy her stock for a few hundred thousand dollars.  A few months later, the company was sold. The amount she received for the stock from her ex-husband was much less than what she would have received had she not sold him the stock. A litigation was commenced and the husband vigorously defended the matter. The defendant claimed that he knew nothing about a potential sale prior to purchasing his ex-wife’s stock. During the litigation, Stutman Law pursued a fraud claim and aggressively sought discovery on this issue. However, the husband attempted to limit the scope of discovery throughout the litigation. After years of litigation, Stutman Law located documents received as a result of a subpoena issued on a non-party. The documents revealed that discussions regarding a sale of the company had occurred prior to the defendant’s purchase of his ex-wife’s stock. A short time after the Stutman firm located the documents, the case was resolved for $1,250,000. 

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